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Is your Coworking building usage where you want it to be? Learn how to cost-effectively increase it.

105 views June 19, 2020

Coworking facilities are becoming increasingly popular but driving optimal usage, and managing a changing customer base can be difficult, expensive and time-intensive. SALTO's KS platform offers a very cost-effective tool that is simple to use and provides you the data to effectively drive up usage in every room. It also integrates with key players like Nexudus and Office RD. In this webinar we'll cover: Who is SALTO SystemsSystem architecture of SALTO/KS How users open doors, mobile keys, remote access, physical credentials or PIN codesWhat XS4 Locking Hardware works with SALTO/KSWhere co-working customers use SALTO/KSHow co-working customers use the advanced features of SALTO/KS including:To actively monetize the use of specialty rooms like conference rooms and mailroomsIntegrations with co-working software suites like Office RD, Nexudus and moreCustom software integrations using the SALTO/KS APIBioCote to reduce disease transmissionSystem demo of SALTO/KSQA SessionWould you...