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Peering In: Princeton and Santa Clara University Talk Convenience & Security on the Modern Campus

July 08, 2020 SALTO SPACE

Among the biggest challenges higher education administrators, campus facilities managers, and student housing professionals face is how to balance student and staff safety, convenience for all users and, of course, budget.  

Our guest speakers share their perspectives on how introducing new campus access control technologies at their university has had a significant impact on campus security and campus-wide convenience.

In the video you will learn:

  • How Santa Clara University implemented NFC based contactless credentials for iOS and Android mobile devices for students, staff and faculty and in the process streamlined everything from opening a dorm room door to on campus purchases and vending
  • How Princeton University implemented campus-wide access control technology allowing for the decentralized management of data and synchronization methods that resulted in significant increases in campus safety and security
  • The high value and high ROI of both "touchless" environments and decentralized data sharing and management with modern access control technologies like Salto ProAccess SPACE