Recorded Events

Mechanical Key Replacement Using SALTO XS4 Smart Locks

August 19, 2020

Mechanical keys were invented thousands of years ago and the technology is still used today. Overtime mechanical keys have improved but losing mechanical keys still involves costly labor to rekey facilities.  

Security-focused businesses are looking for cost-effective solutions to eliminate the insecurities of mechanical keys and reduce ongoing expenses. Please join this free webinar as we cover:

  • Why customers choose SALTO including:
    • Mechanical key replacement saves money year over year
    • SVN data-on-card technology reduces installation costs
    • XS4 locks look great and add to the properties value
    • Compatibility with third-party systems like elevator controls and video intercom systems
    • JustIN Mobile credentials for easy tenant access
    • BioCote, how the right door finish reduces disease transmission
  • System architecture of SALTO/SPACE
  • How users open doors
    • Mobile keys
    • Physical credentials
    • PIN codes
  • System demo of SALTO/SPACE
  • XS4 locking hardware
  • Q&A Session

Would you like to learn a little about SALTO/SPACE before the webinar starts? If so check out the links and videos below.