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Is your Coworking building usage where you want it to be? Learn how to cost-effectively increase it.


Coworking facilities are becoming increasingly popular but driving optimal usage, and managing a changing customer base can be difficult, expensive and time-intensive. SALTO's KS platform offers a very cost-effective tool that is simple to use and provides you the data to effectively drive up usage in every room. It also integrates with key players like Nexudus and Office R&D.

In this webinar we'll cover:

  • Who is SALTO Systems
  • System architecture of SALTO/KS 
  • How users open doors, mobile keys, remote access, physical credentials or PIN codes
  • What XS4 Locking Hardware works with SALTO/KS
  • Where co-working customers use SALTO/KS
  • How co-working customers use the advanced features of SALTO/KS including:
    • To actively monetize the use of specialty rooms like conference rooms and mailrooms
    • Integrations with co-working software suites like Office R&D, Nexudus and more
    • Custom software integrations using the SALTO/KS API
    • BioCote to reduce disease transmission
  • System demo of SALTO/KS
  • Q&A Session

Would you like to learn a little about SALTO/KS before the webinar starts? If so check out the links and videos below. 

SALTO KS cloud-based locking solution. Official Video 

SALTO KS More than one way to open a door