Recorded Events

Deliver the amenities and security your renters are looking for.


Facilities that provide "sizzle" attract more renters. The Salto KS solutions allow tenants to provide guest access to visitors through their SALTO KS mobile app and the API empowers building owners to develop customized applications integrated with existing building platforms. Learn what else you can do to attract more tenants. 

In this webinar we'll cover:

  • Who is SALTO Systems
  • System architecture of SALTO/KS 
  • How users open doors, mobile keys, remote access, physical credentials or PIN codes
  • What XS4 Locking Hardware works with SALTO/KS
  • Where commercial SMB customers use SALTO/KS
  • System demo of SALTO/KS
  • Q&A Session

Would you like to learn a little about SALTO/KS before the webinar starts? If so check out the links and videos below. 

SALTO KS cloud-based locking solution. Official Video 

SALTO KS More than one way to open a door